Vaginoplasty (vaginal repair & tightening) aims to repair lax muscles, ligaments and remove excess vaginal skin resulting in a tighter vaginal canal. It is the most requested procedure in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


After child births or aging,  pelvic floor muscle, ligaments, vagina and perineum become lax and weak. In later years the pelvic organs may fall, urine may leak and sexual pleasure is diminished. Many women feel wide, unsatisfied and complain together with their partners.


Vaginoplasty will effectively reconstruct and restore the lax vagina to its youthful pre-delivery healthy state, by repairing pelvic floor muscle defects, tightening and narowing the entire vaginal canal. This will tighten and enhance vaginal sexual function, aesthetic appearance and assures long lasting results. Queefing (vaginal flatulence) and urinary incontinence (leak) can also be corrected at the same time of a vaginoplasty procedure.



We do full depth vaginal repairs unlike the superficial repairs done by some doctors; the procedure can be done under general, spinal or usually local anesthesia. Minimally traumatic and precise incision technique are used for better healing and quick recovery. A posterior vaginal wall vaginoplasty & perineoplasty takes 60 minutes to perform, in a sterile surgery room, under local tumescent anesthesia, with no hospital stay.


Perineoplasty: surgical repair of damaged muscles between the vagina and the anal canal where episiotomies are cut and where tears during childbirth are most common; it strengthens the perineum, supports wind & bowel control and enhances vaginal tightening. Perineoplasty is usually done with a vaginoplasty procedure for better results.


A surgeon performing vaginoplasty, perineoplasty or labiaplasty surgery, should be properly trained before attempting these intricate surgeries, to provide the best result possible.