Regenerative & Functional Gynecology
Vaginal Rejuvenation

Regenerative & Functional Gynecology:  Enhances Genital Health & Sexual Function

 New field in cosmetic gynecology improving quality of life for women with aging atrophic symptoms like:


* Genito-urinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM):

    Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy – Vaginal dryness – Pain during sex – Urinary incontinence

* Hormonal imbalance & female sexual disorders:

    Hot flushes - Bony aches - Anxiety & depression - Decreased sexual response

 Recent approaches for tissue regeneration / rejuvenation and functional disorders include:

  • Genital enhancement: Stem Cells Therapy & Growth Factor Serum

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) & Vitamin therapy

  • Autologous Nano fat transfer and grafting to labia majora

  • Energy based devices (Lasers & Radio frequency

  • Genital Aesthetic Enhancement Procedures: Hyaloronic Acid Fillers - Whitening/Peeling - Carboxytherapy  

  • Restorative surgeries: Vaginoplasty - Labiaplasty - Perineoplasty - Clitoroplasty


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) & G spot augmentation:

The PRP-SHOT is a simple non-surgical procedure, using patient’s own blood, from which concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma full of regenerative growth factors is extracted by a centrifugation process, and injected into the clitoris, peri-urethral space and vagina (G spot / O spot), to improve blood flow, stimulate stem cells in the region, and promote genital, vascular and nerve tissue regeneration to improve sensitivity. 

PRP is a painless procedure that rejuvenates the genital intimate tissue area, enhances tissue sensitivity,  improves sexual function, increases moisture, lubrication and improves urinary incontinence symptoms, with no downtime.  It is an essential intimate rejuvenation therapy for any mid age female, male  and FGM patient.

After treatment, the vagina feels tighter and it becomes easier to reach orgasms, in a shorter period of time and with a stronger intensity. The effects lasts up to 12-18 months, with a success rate of over 85%.


HA Fillers for Genital Rejuvenation: ( filler - lubrication - lightening )


Hyaluronic Acid fillers have multiple uses, depending on the type of filler used.


HA fillers have a volumizing effect, puffing up the labia major by HA fillers to give them volume, and a fuller shape, when the labia majora is deflated or wrinkled in mid aged women or after weight loss, to enhance appearance and function.


HA fillers have a moisturizer effect and can be used to increase lubrication of the genital region since they attract moisture and water.


HA fillers are used to lighten vulvar skin color with a combination of HA + Glutathione, especially in dark skin color due to friction and hormonal changes, or ethnic dark skin individuals.


Vulva Bleaching (Whitening/Peeling):


Vaginal bleaching has become one of the most sought aesthetic procedures, especially in tanned skin communities. Women everywhere are thinking about whitening  up their vulvas that have become darker by friction, aging, sweating, hormonal changes  and other factors.

Lightening skin dark color of the genital intimate area, enhances desired aesthetic appearance and color. Peeling and lightening by several methods are specially needed for darker skin type.

With the use of the right vagina bleaching procedures for you, whether local creams, chemical peeling, HA fillers or Radio frequency whitening; the procedure can be very efficient and safe. Visit us for all of the whitening options available, so you can make an informed decision of giving your intimate area a whiter and fairer look. 



Energy Based Devices (EBD's) include Radio frequency, Lasers, HIFU and Nano ultrasound devices. 

They are used for treatment of Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS), and urinary incontinence, by applying their photo thermal effect on the vaginal mucosa, inducing collagen and elastin synthesis as well as glycogen buildup; thus causing temporary vaginal mucosa shrinkage (vaginal tightening) and urinary incontinence improvement.


In age related Genito- urinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM),  energy based devices have a beneficial effect on the vagina and vulva structures, by increasing blood flow causing  local tissue rejuvenation, regulating normal vaginal PH and flora with increased lubrication around the vulva, vagina and urethra. Mild urinary incontinence symptoms may also improve by EBD's therapy.


There is no bleeding, no pain, no hospital stay, and no recovery period. The effects of an EBD's are beneficial with 75 - 80% satisfaction rate, but are mild and temporary, lasting about 10-12 months and need to be repeated every year to maintain their therapeutic effects.

Good patient selection is crucial for best possible results, while combination therapy with PRP, amniotic fluid or growth factor serum has proven to produce better results.

Autologous Fat Grafting:

Aging or weight loss, can cause laxity of the vulva skin over the labia majora. Liposuction, nano fat treatment and re-injection into the labia majora, can puff the labia majora to its original youthful state. Fat is a biological filler from the patient herself, and is the best filler.

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Fat grafting to Labia Majora


HA filler for Genital Area