Labiaplasty is surgical enhancement of the labia minora or labia majora to improve genital function and appearance, it is the most requested cosmetic gynecology procedure in the Europe & USA.



Labia Minora Reduction

Labia minora (inner lips) may grow larger with estrogen stimulation at puberty, pregnancy, or aging

and also by friction; causing functional discomfort during intercourse, exercise or while wearing tight clothes. The enlarged labia appearance may also cause embarrassment with ones partner.

Labia minora plasty, will reduce size, modify shape and remove dark labia edges from an enlarged,  asymmetrical labia minora resulting in an aesthetic, symmetrical and functionally enhanced labia. Most women tell us they do not want the small lips to project beyond the larger outer lips.


Several techniques for labia minora  reduction are available, mainly the TRIM & WEDGE methods, with individual variation for each woman addressing her functional needs and desired aesthetic outcome.

Labiaplasty surgery requires expert surgical designing and reshaping to produce the required aesthetic and functional result.


Labia Minora Augmentation

With aging, labia minor may become thin, injection of a HA filler helps puff them up and add volume.


Labia Minora Reconstruction

In over correction (botched) labiaplasty,  or female genital mutilation (circumcision); the labia minora are radically reduced or amputated. We can reconstruct a new labia minora and provide an aesthetic enhanced Labia Minora appearance. We are pioneers at this procedure and have great success restoring previously botched or amputated labia minora.


Labia Majora Reduction

The outer larger lips of the vulva can enlarge after childbirth or due to hormonal changes, causing an unwanted  disturbing fat bulge. Labia majora can also lose consistency due to major weight loss, or aging causing excess of lax loose skin. This may cause a hygienic problem; surgical reduction of the fat bulge or tightening the loose skin of the labia majora produces better function and youthful appearance.

Labia Majora Augmentation

Surgical enhancement of a sagging labia majora with loose skin due to weight loss or aging, by injecting a synthetic HA filler, PRP or by Autologous Fat Transplant (patient’s own fat), gives them volume and enhances appearance (Vulva Lift).









Clitoral Hood Reduction (CHR)

Friction, chronic irritation or hormonal exposure may cause the skin on the clitoral hood and its sides to become loose and sag. A precise surgery excising the extra skin folds covering the clitoris enhances appearance, clitoral function and clitoral sensitivity due to better friction. 

Clitoral Hood Reduction is common with a labia minor reduction, since the clitoral hood area looks relatively larger after excess labia are removed. The clitoris itself is not touched.

Platelet Rich Plasma may be used during labiaplasty to improve blood flow, promote better healing, and help prevent wound breakdown. Labiaplasty can be done under local anesthesia, in a sterile surgery room, it takes 60 - 90 minutes to perform with no hospital stay.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy, weight loss & aging contribute to a flabby lower abdomen, weak abdominal muscles, and a fat bulge on the Mons Pubis. A mini tummy tuck will remove skin and fat from the pubis, and tightening lower abdominal muscles to produce a tighter waist line and an aesthetically pleasing pubis.

Clitoral hood Red.



Clitoral Hood Reduction


Labia Majora Augmentation