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Clitoral Restorative Surgery (FGM)

Female genital mutilation / C (FGM) Is an ancient tradition of Cutting the external genital organs of young girls, It has no health benefits and causes severe physical, functional and psychological harm leading sometimes to shock and death. It is regarded  as a crime against humanity, A violation of human rights and a form ogender based violence against women.

The WHO classifies fgm in four types according to extent of excision. ending fgm globally, requires a change in cultural beliefs, tougher laws for practice, better awareness, education, and improving socio-economic status of practicing families. 

Genital restorative therapies and surgeries have helped FGM victims reclaim their self esteem, female body image identity and confidence.  We are pioneers in these therapies and restorative surgeries offering FGM victims a chance to improve their holistic physical, psychological and sexual quality of life.

Women who suffer from FGM complications usually feel incomplete, unlike uncircumcised women, have psychological issues, low self-esteem and confidence. Relationship problems also arise with parents for consenting FGM and the spouse / partner due to sexual problems.


Multidisciplinary Approach for FGM Care: (Therapeutic protocol)                                 

                                   (Psychosexual counseling – Non-Surgical therapies – Surgery):


1- Psycho-sexual counseling & support – الدعم النفسي :

Psychological counseling and support, along with sexual education; have dramatically improved the psyche of FGM/C victims. Improved self confidence, better understanding of genital function, sexuality and reassurance have all been manifested with better parent and partner relationships.


2- Non-Surgical Therapies – علاج غير جراحي :

Use of growth factors, carboxytherapy, vaginal moisturizers, energy based devices and other new regenerative therapy techniques has proven effective to help re-vitalize a partially amputated clitoris, by increasing clitoral blood flow, oxygen supply and stimulating stem cells is the region. They also improve healing, clitoral sensitivity by regenerating damaged nerve tissue and enhance sexual function.


3- Restorative Surgeries – جراحات ترميمية و تقويمية :

– De-infibulation (Pharaonic infibulation – Type III  الختان الفرعوني ):

Infibulation, is a tradition of covering most of the vaginal orifice with a skin seal, by cutting and suturing the labia minora and majora together on both sides. 


De-fibulation (cutting the skin seal) is required before child delivery, vaginal surgery, and sometimes before marriage. Women with Pharaonic circumcision (type III) describe cosmetic and functional improvements after a de-fibulation procedure.


De-fibulation, is a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia, takes about 40 minutes, providing functional improvement and aesthetic enhancement of the vulva.


– Clitoral Restorative Surgery (CRS) after FGM/C  ترميم البظر :   

The clitoris is a 8-10 cm organ, most of it is buried within the body, only a small part (glans) is felt by touch and is usually amputated during circumcision.

Clitoral restorative surgery has enhanced sexual function in some women by improving sexual desire, arousal, vaginal lubrication, orgasm intensity and pain reduction. The procedure involves removal peri-clitoral fibrous tissue, releasing the clitoral body and restoring normal anatomy; making the clitoris more accessible to stimulation and sensitive to touch

 This highly specialized surgery together with several non-surgical therapies, improve clitoral blood flow and may aid in nerve regeneration. Marked psycho-sexual improvement has also been noted by enhanced self esteem, confidence, partner relationship and quality of life. It usually takes several months for full benefits to manifest.


– Labia Minora Reconstruction & Clitoral Hood after FGM – تقويم شفرات جديدة :

We developed a technique for labia minora reconstruction (LMR), even after complete labia minora amputation from the vulva, which is uses for botched over-correction labia minora plasty and FGM/C victims.  


The therapeutic goal, is to achieve aesthetic refinement of the vulva to resemble normal uncut women, enhance genital appearance, improve sexual function and restore normal anatomy of the labia majora, labia minora, clitoris and clitoral hood.


Aim of our new multidisciplinary approach, of psycho-sexual therapy, non-surgical therapies and surgical procedures; is to achieve a holistic health improvement for FGM victims, regarding their psychological, physical, sexual and mental health; thus restoring self confidence and improving quality of life.

We seek to find solutions for all women affected by all kinds of gender based violence.